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The king casino : the best online casino site in the country

Casino Tycoon Pro : gambling simulator of a thousand.

Cataract: a game of life and death that is all about gambling and the lottery.

Cars! : a simple simulation of traffic, car driving, road accidents.

Cars! HD : simulates driving in real life, the difference is, there is no real traffic physics.

Casino Tycoon 3 – The King of the Land : gambling simulation where you have to control the flow of traffic and you also control some of the cars you will face.

Catan : A casino for a new game board.

Clans : a game about gathering wealth and power in the most effective and efficient manner to achieve glory at the end of each turn.

Criminal : this is a very cool real-life clone game based on the real world of mafia.

Crackdown – an addictive simulation game with lots of real life examples of crime and punishment.

Dino Crisis : an open-world survival sim in which you are part of a community of dinosaurs that must save the world from starvation and other deadly threats to its existence.

Dire : An open-world strategy game set in the ruins of a ruined world, in which you must conquer the land of chaos in order to survive.

Drive Angry – your vehicle’s AI will react to obstacles, such as roads, pedestrians and animals.

Driver Frenzy : simulation game where you must drive in a straight line, without taking the same path for all parts of the road.

DRIVE: A fast and intuitive open-world driving simulator with dynamic weather conditions, realistic cars, and loads of other interesting things to do.

DRIVE: Dangerous Driving – a fast driving game where you must be in the right place at the right time.

Dwarf Fortress 2 – a simple, but fun, sim game about dwarves, who must defend against invading undead, monsters, and their hordes in a fantasy setting.

Dynamo Force: a fun game where you can create your own cities using different buildings, and build a city together with your friends.

Escape Games: an arcade game with a lot of strategic elements such as the ability to jump and roll.

Epic – a very fun, arcade-style game where you get to drive around in endless, high-speed races.

Escape from Island 4 : a very fun platformer game for Nintendo.

Escape: Another Escape Game – The Return of LazerBlade – The story of another player trying to escape a strange and abandoned amusement park.

Escape: New York : a game about escape from New York with multiple ending