Some amazing films in the challenge this year.

For those who like stats. . 101 signed up, 101 films completed. only 2 gas masks this time, 2 films with Brexit scenarios, 6 meta films, 5 animated, 2 with puppets.

SCI-FI-LONDON | 15 – 22 May 2019
The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film The 48 Hour Challenge took place between 13-15 April 2019, run by the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival.

101 teams managed to complete the challenge this year and write, shoot, edit, grade and deliver an original science fiction film – in a weekend!

Congratulations to the winners:

3 MELTING POINT by Team Flying Visitors

2 THAT PHONE CALL by Team Hyvemind

1 ALL INCLUSIVE by Team Broken Bricks