Just a few days to go now… here is more news on the jury.

We are proud to add two more names to the 48hr challenge jury for 2019.

Please welcome Kate Crowe.

Kate is a brilliant producer and was responsible for the BAFTA winning TV show MISFITS.   Certainly one the festival’s favourite shows.

Kate has also been Executive Producer on TABOO and is currently working on Steven Knight’s bold and brilliant take on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.    Kate was formerly as SCOTT FREE Productions… we hope she keeps an eye out for some 48hr talent that could spawn a new franchise 🙂


Next up, please welcome Jim Al-Khalili.

Professor of theoretical physics, author, broadcaster and humanist, Jim is also President of the British Science Association and as his profile Twitter profile says an “Affable Egghead”

Jim will bring a solid and expert-based eye to the panel, so check your science folks!   Although, he has a new SF novel out soon, SUNFALL, so we can comb over that at our own pace 🙂

More news on prizes to follow…

Louis & the SFL team.