David Cohen won the challenge in 2018 – then bagged a Million to make it a featureDreams do come true it seems because the winner’s of the 2018 challenge has just won up to £1million to adapt their 5min short film into a feature.

UNDER DURESS is the film that won the competition and the canny team behind it, made a few tweaks, a proper grade and entered it into festivals.

THAT FILM FESTIVAL, CANNES loved it and it went all the way through to win the main prize.

David Cohen and his crew made a brilliant short in just 2 days, we can’t wait to see the results of their work on a full-length adaptation.

And of course, we urge you to sign up and take part – you never know what might happen, Gareth Edwards, who made GODZILLA and ROGUE ONE certainly didn’t.