48hr alumna is the Real face behind ‘Mum’ speaking from beyond the grave in £50 Christmas advert, “Love is the gift”.

Natalie Martins, who starred in the 2017 winning challenge film, MISSING EDGE, gave the poignant voice over as a man listens to a tape of his tragic mother’s final loving Christmas message

THE real face of the “mum” speaking to her son from beyond the grave in an emotional €55 Christmas advert has been revealed as the young actress from Surrey.

The short film, Love is a Gift, by Phil Beastall, has racked up more than 6 million views and has been dubbed as ‘better than John Lewis‘ annual heavyweight ad.

Natalie’s moving message of motherly love, saw actor Chris Ilston weep as his character heard his beloved mum’s voice once more after opening a box of old cassettes.

The award winning actress has been in seven feature films, 14 short films, numerous TV shows and adverts and some music videos.

You can watch the advert here or their 48hour film below.