48 Hour Flash Fiction 2018

Challenge date


SCI-FI-LONDON and Urbanfantasist.com present our 2018 short story competition, the 48-hour Flash Fiction Challenge.

On Saturday 7th April 2018 at 11am, we task you to write some original science fiction using elements we give you.  Your story should not exceed 2000 words and you only have 48 hours/

So, sharpen that pencil, prep the word processor or prime your fav' dictationware and get ready to write. 

Follow the action on Twitter: @scifilondon #SFL48hrFlash

How it works:

Entry is free and open to anyone who writes or would like to dip a toe in the literary water. The story must not exceed 2000 words and be written in the time allocated.  You can be anywhere in the world but entries must be in English.

  1. Create an account
  2. Register for this challenge

On Saturday 7th April 2018 (11am), log back in and click on My account.

You will find the elements you need to use.

These include:

  • The TITLE for your story (this will be unique to you)
  • A piece of DIALOGUE that must be incorporated somewhere into the story
  • An optional scientific idea or theme

Easy...half your work is done! You then have 48 hours to write your story.

The deadline for submission is Monday 9th April, 2018 at 1:00pm via a PDF sent as an email attachment to 48hrflash@sci-fi-london.com.

Other things you may be curious about should be covered in our FAQ - http://48hour.sci-fi-london.com/frequently-asked-questions

The Prizes

For the 2018 challenge we have very simple prizes, we do not have a big cash prize from a sponsor - but you are doing this for the kudos... right?

However, as well as a goodie bag full of... goodies... from the festival, we are going to publish an anthology of the past winners and this year’s amazing stories.   We are also going to do audio recordings of our favourites and this year’s winner.