48hr challenge winners

Each year we are blown away by the standard of the entries and the inventiveness shown by all the teams that take part.

Below we have listed the winning films from the challenge - feel free to share them, programme them in your festival or screen them on your channel, just let us know if you do.

The SFL team.

1st Place 2015: INTERLUDE by Team Starcrust.

1st Place 2014: THE MARCH by Team Mission

1st Place 2013: FREE ZONE by Team Lonely Light

1st Place 2012: FUTURE INC. by Team Future Tense

1st Place 2011: THE INTENTION OF MILES byt Team Half Baked Films

In 2011 we also had an "under 21" category - here is the winning film, which incidently came second in the main challenge.

1st Place 2011 (under 21): SIT IN SILENCE. by Team Idle Films

1st Place 2010: ABDUCTED. by Team Shoot The Runner

1st Place 2009: TRACKER by Team Lost Souls


and finally, Gareth Edward's winner...

1st Place 2008: FACTORY FARMED by Team Rebel Alliance


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