48hr film - special mentions!


Each year we shortlist the films and send the best 10 to our jury.   But we also like to give a nod to some of the films we saw.  The reasons are many, they mad us laugh, they were really awful, they had amazing... something, be that performance or sets, or photography - whatever it is, we thought is was worth seeing them on the big screen.

So, here are the films we selected for a special mention.

A.Small.Price.To.Pay Team Headless Pictures
An.Abscence.of.Feeling Team FIngers Crossed
Cardboard Team Cine Tokyo
Deliberate Team Little Blue Dot
If.you.know,tell Team Omni
Let's Trade Team Over Thinking Films
Make.Do.Or.Mend  Team YSP Media
Microcosm Team Frames Up
My.Future.Past Team Broken Bricks
Zone Out Team Self-Driving Trip to the Moon
Harvest* Team Unit26 UCL


For those of you who counted 11 in this list, you are correct.  However, HARVEST wont be shown on the big screen, it is the first 360 film we have ever had in the challenge - so we will put it on a headset and show people on at a time!